United States 1 Jun 2014 — 30 Jun 2014
Becoming Filipino in One Month!
I hope to immerse myself in the language and culture of the Philippines for one month, and try to "become Filipino" to the fullest extent.

What This Trip Is and What It Means

This trip is partially to see an old childhood best friend who i have not seen in many years, but is even more so to learn about and explore a completely new and unfamiliar culture and language.

I will be staying with my childhood Filipino friend and his Filipino roommates. They will be taking me through the city, with special focus on the local University, cultural centers, and native hangouts. I will attempt to use Tagalog as much as reasonably possible, as well as studying it on my own time. I will attempt to get a feel for the local music scene and to explore it with my guitar in hand. And for the vicariousness, curiosity, and inspiration of those interested, I will blog and vlog about the trip for the month that I'm there.

Besides contributing to my growth as an individual, if you help me out you'll be helping me to push the limits of mental expansion and change. For at least the next year and a half I will be traveling the world to various locales and cultures, and rather than going as a tourist, I will instead be attempting to live as much as a local as possible. This pushes the mind to adopt new ways of thinking and doing (and speaking, through studying the language). In my study of the language I will be pushing the limits of the mind's ability to learn to a functionable level a new language, using methods of rapid language acquisation that I've been personally developing for years.

Who I Am and What I Do

I have traveled a little bit before, though predominantly with family. I have traveled to Europe, the Middle East, and the Carribbean before, but doing so on my own will be new. This year I will be attempting to travel as much as possible on my own, paying special focus on immersion and adoption of the new culture I'll be a part of for the time. April I will be in Saudi Arabia, May in Kuwait, and June in the Philippines. If all goes as planned i will spend August with the Ojibwe in central Ontario, and September I'll be embarking on a 4-month trip through South America with my Colombian best friend. 

I am an aspiring linguist and polyglot; a religion scholar and experimenter; a writer; a musician; and a passionate lover of human culture, language, society, philosophy, and belief. But I consider myself, above all, to be a mindhacker. That is, I attempt to push the limits of what the human mind is and what it can do. Travel facilitates this like nothing else, and because of my experience with mindhacking I believe I'm fairly well qualified to extract every last ounce of wisdom and growth from this experience.

But unfortunately, mindhacking is not yet mainstream or particularly lucrative, so I need your help to do this.

Here's my blog to learn more about me, my thinking, and what i do: http://ignoranceandwisdom.wordpress.com/

How to Help and What I Need to Make This Happen.

I need to pay for my food, to have emergency funds, and especially to pay for my plane ticket home, which could amount to the majority of the $1000 I am asking for.

Every little bit helps. If you would rather contribute in other ways, soon I will be publishing an ebook on my language learning methods, which if you purchase will go directly to helping sustain my travels and exploration of consciousness.

If you don't have money to contribute, but find my trip worthwhile and beneficial, please share it with people who might be interested in contributing. Additionally if you know of anyone who might be able to provide advice with exploring Manila, or the Filipino culture and language, or if you know someone who might be able to give me a meal or two while I'm there, please don't hesitate to offer it. I am and will always be eternally grateful.

Jacob Abuhamada
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19 Jan 2014, 10:29
Becoming Filipino in One Month!
United States 1 Jun 2014 — 30 Jun 2014
I hope to immerse myself in the language and culture of the Philippines for one month, and try to "become Filipino" to the fullest extent.
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