Marriage across cultures

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Funding deadline: June 01, 2014 (11:59pm UTC).
Two recent graduates want to get married across cultures throughout East Asia and Australia, who would appreciate your help!

Getting Married in different Cultures/Countries

Finally in a dark ally way he proposed! How romantic isn't it? We want to go on this trip to get married in different cultures and live this one of a kind experience with the person I  want to share my  life with. We like taking pictures and traveling, so why not doing it all together while getting married?

It is worth contributing to this trip because we will be sharing our story with you plus who does not want to be part of this amazing/ real life love story?  What makes this trip unique is the idea itself of exploring new cultures, talking to different people, growing as a person  next to the person you love and want to have a family with... I know cheesy right? BUT TRUE.. It will be an out of this world kind of thing and it might be possible to accomplish it with YOUR HELP!  It will mean the world to me if you help me and my fiance to travel and explore the world together. Even if you help us with $1.00 it can still help us and make you part of our story! 

Who doesn't like traveling? Would you agree that the money spent in traveling it is the best investment? Why would you invest in our travels? Because this IDEA is amazing and I know you want to be part of it.  You want to see where this starts and how the trips ends. You want to share this special moment with us. Traveling is great, traveling with the person you love amazing but getting married while traveling is priceless and that is exactly why you want to invest in us, in our trip! 


Background & Experience


I have traveled since I am little and each one of my trips has helped me grow up a little bit more. It make me understand other people point of views, religion, cultures and languages. I speak Spanish, English, a little of Arabic and Italian. Traveling is my passion as well as people, religion and cultures. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be alive, to be part of this amazing and diverse world. I have been to 23 different countries and I still have 12 more that I need to go to! They are: India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapoure, Vietnam, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Maldives, Samoa, and  New Zeland.


I grew up traveling with my family. Before graduating high school I visited 49 out of the 50 United States(let's just say getting to Alsaska is not the easiest from the East Coast). Unlike Crisi, I have only had the oppertunity to visit 5 countries, so this oppertunity is extremely exciting for me. I love backpacking, hiking, and being able to experience new places and cultures. There is no other person but Cristi that I could see myself traveling the world with.


Funding Details

Countries Price Dates
Ecuador-India $1769 August 20th
India-Nepal $81 September 1st
Nepal-Thailand $169 September 8th
Thailand-Vietnam $66 September 15th
Vietnam-Cambodia $248 September 22nd
Cambodia-Malaysia $190 September 29th
Malaysia-Singapore $21 October 6th
Singapore-Indonesia $49 October 13th
Indonesia-Australia $257 October 20th
Australia-Philippines $916 October 27th
Philippines-EC $1028 November 3rd


City Hotels Food Average Transportation
Guayaquil-Deli $948 $130 $260
Deli-Kathmandu $442 $80 $180
Kathmandu-Bangkok $424 $80 $180
Bangkok-Hanoi $294 $80 $180
Vietnam-siem reap $258 $80 $180
Phnom Penh-Alor Setar $124 $80 $180
Kuala-Lumpur-Singapore Changi $750 $80 $180
Sinapoure Changi-Bali $585 $80 $180
Bali-Sydney $986 $80 $180
Melbourne-Clark $355 $80 $180
Manila-Guayaquil HOME    
  $5166 $850 $1880


Total Airplane Tickets








Other Expenses





This is the total estimated cost of the trip we will be convering the difference from our personal savings! Thank you ALL! 


Other ways to contribute

We know that not all of you are able to make a financial donation, there are other ways you can help!

  • First of all, a trip this long requires some heavy duty travel gear. If you have any suggestions on backpacks, packing lists, sleeping items, or any item donations regarding travel, are gladly welcome.
  • Secondly,  if any of you have traveled to these countries before or know someone who has. Any helpful guidance, connections or suggestions are appreciated.

And of course this project will not be possible without people knowing about it. So, please share this link via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, sms, word of mouth, smoke signals and whatever other social media you currently use!


Thank you and have an amazing day.


Chip in $1 or more
1,000 THANK YOUs in our Blogs and Facebook
Thank you so much for your contribution every dollar helps A LOT!
Chip in $10 or more
Post Card
Get a postcard from your country of your choice on our travel! Thank you for supporting us!
Chip in $25 or more
Collection of all the photos during the trip in a CD .
Pictures of our wedding as well as the entire trip including landmarks, people, landscapes.
Chip in $50 or more
Photo at the landmark with your website, logo or product.
For this reward we will take a photo at one landmark along our journey with your website name, logo, or product! You can chose any landmark along our route. Note: If you want a photo with your product, we must receive it before leaving.
Chip in $75 or more
A calendar made of our best pictures that you choose!
Receive a calendar for the year 2015 with a collection of the 12 best photos from our entire trip!
Chip in $100 or more
T-Shirt of their favorite place we traveld, postcard, and CD
Don't have enough time to travel to your dream location? This is the reward for you. We will send you a T-Shirt from the location of your choice along our route. You will also receive a handwritten postcard and a CD of our photo collection.
Chip in $150 or more
Small gift from your favorite place
At this reward level you will receive a small gift from your favorite country or city along our travel route. Whatever we find that looks the coolest, you shall receive!
Chip in $200 or more
Postcard, CD,Shirt and unique handcraft gift
A unique handcraft gift made specially for your from artist in your favorite country plus the CD, Shirt, and Post Card.
Chip in $1,000 or more
We will wear your company gear the entire trip.
At this reward level we will wear your company gear for the entirety of our trip. It can be a hat, shirt, sweatshirt, shoes, etc. whatever your heart desires. With this you will get photos of us in your company gear at major landmarks along our route. Note: We must receive your company gear before leaving the United States.


Steven Kreimendahl
Steven is a soon to be graduate from CU Boulder with degrees in Jewish Studies and Journalism. He has traveled extensively in the US and kno...
Cristi Harb
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