Congratulations to our winners

WINNING TEAM: Global-eyes!

It is very exciting for Trevolta and SAA to announce the winner of the #DiversePeopleUnite campaign! We asked teams of 4 people, all around the world, to describe in a short video what Freedom means to them. What we can tell you is that our definition of freedom has expanded way past any expectation.

During this campaign we have had freedom defined in hundreds of ways including being able to make your own choices, choosing your own regrets, doing what you love, and in the words of our winning video: The power to create, to change, to succeed, to inspire and the ability to make anything possible!

We had a super tough time rating the top videos and then eventually choosing the winning video. Believe us, there are some amazing videos. Eventually, however, one video just came out on top as our winner. And we're emphasizing JUST. This video just about perfectly encapsulates what #DiversePeopleUnite is all about. Our winning team is energetic, inspiring, diverse, and also, they know how to dance!

Congratulations to Hyojin, Uzma, Fanny and Helga from Global-eyes! We just love your video and we can't wait to welcome you to South Africa and show you how us South Africans are experiencing and enjoying our freedom!

A huge thank you to all the teams that also submitted their videos describing Freedom. We've watched each and every one of them, we laughed, we reflected and sometimes we were stunned. We will leave them up for a while so you can also check out the other videos if you haven't already.

— South African Airways

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Hyojin Oh Hyojin Oh
22-year-old adventure junkie, travelholic and an environmentalist :)
Uzma Azami Uzma Azami
A social butterfly with a zest for life, lust for laughter, desire to explore the world and an abundance of love to give!
Fanny Fraisier Fanny Fraisier
Outdoorsy French girl who loves to dance, dance dance and dance again !
Helga Quijano Helga Quijano
Courageous Colombian, who love social work.Enthusiastic, persistent, reliable , and Grateful to god for this wonderful life


In no particular order.
A star alliance member
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